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Rules of membership

Club membership is based on a four-week period regardless of attendance.

Fees are non refundable and collected 1st of every month via Standing Order only.

Fees cover 48 weeks of training annually; clubs close for 2 wks in summer / 2 wks in winter.

All other payments must be in an envelope with full description on the front.

Do not be late for the start of class (5 mins early is ideal) or collection of children after class.

No spectators under any circumstances.

TAGB licence must be purchased after the first lesson.

TAGB dobok must be worn within eight weeks.

No other training suits – clean and pressed TAGB standard white dobok only.

TAGB grading syllabus book must be purchased within three months.

TAGB sparring safety equipment must be purchased within 12 months.

All equipment must be purchased from your TAGB instructor only.

Bow before entering or leaving the Dojang.

No eating or drinking in the Dojang at any time.

No shoes to be worn in the Dojang at any time.

No jewellery may be worn during classes.

Students should never leave class without advanced permission.

Never lose your temper in the Dojang – especially during sparring.

Never lean on walls or spread out on the floor unless while exercising.

Students must always ensure to demonstrate a high level of hygiene.

No running or playing in the Dojang unless instructed to as part of the class.

No talking during class except to ask a question.

Before asking a question, raise your right hand to attract Instructor’s attention.

Address the Instructor as Sir/Ma’am or Mr/Ms using the Instructor’s surname.

Students should behave in a disciplined manner at all times.

Respect all members of a senior grade.

While adjusting your dobok or belt, do not face your Instructor.

Any student who is late must get the Instructors permission to join the class.

Students should strive to exemplify the five tenets of Tae Kwon-Do.

In order to grade or compete, students must attend at least 75% of lessons
(based on full membership training twice per week).

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in exclusion from ABTKD clubs.