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Monday 18th Nov 5:45pm.
King Edwards Sheldon Heath Academy KESH
Sheldon Heath Road
Sheldon, B26 2RZ


All competition medal / trophy winners from all events at all tournament through the year are allocated points on the league table with the top three places presented with an award at the end of the year. Points are allocated as follows:

Gold - 3 points
Silver - 2 points
Bronze - 1 point

Get busy winning!

We try to acheive regular sparring within our clsses as part of the TAGB national syllabus but for the serious competitors we have Friday Night Fight Club
Every Friday 7-8:30pm
Lode Heath School
Lode Lane
B91 2HW
£4 on the door.
You will need full TAGB sparring safety equipment and all children must be accompanied by an adult for the duration.