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Equipment, Clothing & Media

Ask your instructor for an order form or download and print one using the link below. Complete and return the form to your instructor.
Orders will be purchased from suppliers on the last working day of the month and will be ready within the first ten days of the following month.
We will confirm via text message when the order is ready.
Payment must be made on collection via bank trasfer or cash sealed in an envelope with student name and description written on the front.

click here to download order form


Dobok (training uniform)               £40/£
Club logo T-shirt (black or white) £15/£18
Club logo tracksuit top                  £25/£30

Tracksuit bottoms (no print)         £15/£18
ABTKD zip hoody (mom/dad)       £25/£30


TAGB training manual                        
Black Belt patterns DVD                     
Coloured Belt patterns DVD               
Set Sparring DVD                               
Couloured belt revision guide CD       £7


All sparring safety equipment
must be purchased via your TAGB instructor for insurance reasons

gloves £25, boots £25, head guard £30, shins 
£20, gum guard £3, club holdall £20

Gents full set (inc groin guard £15)                                  £130
Ladies full set                                                                     £120