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Blogs by Mr Brennan

Friday 29th April 2016
Big news from Bristol Academy is that we have a new 1st dan black belt Remelle Givans and a new 4th dan black belt Jason Evans. Fantastic acheivement, well done to both of you!
All black belt grades must attent a pre grading session every six months in order to continue to grade within the TAGB syllabus. You are given three opportunities where the relevent area representative (World Master Donnelly in our case) arranges three dates for you to train. Everyone gets the same letter of explaination from TAGB council after passing 1st dan so we all know the rules and there are no exceptions.
If you do not attend a pre grade session every six months, you automatically delay your next grading by six months.
If you wish to apply for a dan grade in the future, you will need to provide proof of training by collecting stamps or signatures from the area representative at these sessions in your black belt licence.
Fight club is open tonight but we are then closed for the long bank holiday weekend.
Please find our latest newsletter for April 2016 on the 'News'page.
Anthony Brennan 5th Dan.

Friday 15th April 2016
Our coloured belt grading at Acocks Green club on Thursday 14th April was the largest in recent years. 90 students graded before Grand Master Oliver including five 1st kup grades for pre black belt assessment.
I am very pleased to confirm that of the 85 official graders, we have again achieved a 100% pass rate where everyone has been promoted within the national syllabus of the TAGB and 18 of these where with an 'A' (advanced) pass.
Well done to all for your hard work and congratulations to Rihards Murnieks from Acocks Green club who was presented with the Grading Award by G M Oliver for the best performance of the evening.
I would like to make a special mention for our grading officials; Jason Evans and Julieann Lowthorpe on theory testing; Leah Woodall on the grading floor with the younger students; Maxine Bradbury for realising the need and offering herself as a welfare officer to ensure our younger members got back to where they needed to be; and of course our grading examiner Grand Master Oliver. I am very grateful to all involved - thank you.
For all students, parents, family and friend who attended the grading - thank you for your support; it means a great deal to us and the clubs - I hope you enjoyed the experience.
I am now well aware that the evening was a little too busy with so many graders as well as spectators. Thank you for your patience, tolerance and fortitude; I accept full responsibility and I apologise for this but we as ABTKD clubs are becoming more and more victims of our own success. Grading of this size will be structured differently in the future.
Certificates and belts will be presented at your next class from Sunday to Thursday.
Anthony Brennan 5th Dan.

Wednesday 10th February 2016
I had a birthday last week, it was a round number..!
Thank you to all of our members who were very kind in donating money towards my cards and gifts to help me celebrate. I am aware that a few people went out of their way with a big effort; I am not sure but I think Julieann Lowthorpe, Maxine Bradbury, Nicky Williams, Anthony Gayle, Jason Evans, Beccy Donnelly and Tia Mildenhall all has something to do with it.
My gifts were champagne, cinema vouchers, aftershave, jack daniels, chocolates and cards. Not forgetting a big cake with candles and birthday bumbs from Yardley club.
Thank you all, I am a very gratefull 40 year old!
Anthony Brennan 5th Dan.

Thursday 7th January 2016
I have not posted any blogs for quite some time so I will endeavour to remedy that moving forword.
It seems we have settled back into our regular training session nicely after the festive holidays with some fantastic all round improvements and impressive TKD performed at all classes during the last week in particular.
Our first competition of the year will be the Midlands Championships on 31st January and we have a strong entry list so should achieve some great results.
All members of blue belt and above, please realise that training in one class per week is just not enough to progress at this level. Ideally senior grade students should be training three times per week to prepare for black belt grading. Two technical classes through the week and fight club on a Friday evening would definately keep you on the right track.
Remember part membership fees (£20) will increase on 1st April 2016 (£25) so please amend your Standing Order where necessary; or ask me for a new mandate to complete.
Keep it real people and dont forget the big deal this year - Tae Kwon-Do International World Championships in our own beautiful second city and your home town this summer!
Anthony Brennan 5th Dan

Thursday 24th September 2015
This has been a very busy week with lots of new members joining our clubs at Castle Vale and Stechford after a very successful advertising and marketing campaign. I am continuing with my attention focused on these two clubs as we have school assembly demonstrations planned for next week.
I will be committed to recruiting new members at Acocks Green and Yardley with new campaigns planned for next month.
Our latest newsletter for September 2015 is now available to download as a PDF from the 'news' page. Please be aware of the time change information for Acocks Green and Yardley clubs, stating from 1st October.
All members who registered on the reserve list for our charity event now have a definite place for the competition. Get those sponsor forms out there and collect as much as you can for a great cause!
Anthony Brennan, 5th Dan

Wednesday 16th September 2015


Great news - we have filled our allocation of 15 places for our annual charity tournament.

We also have a reserve list of additional members who may still get the opportunity to enter the event if other instructors have not filled their allocation.

We also need massive support for the event on the day so please come along to support us if you can.

There will be a raffle and tombola but we need a full range of prizes to offer for these so if you have any unwanted items in good condition which you are happy to donate to the cause, please give them to your instructor as soon as possible. We need prizes of low, middle and high value to offer for various prizes so I do hope we have some generous people among us.

If you have entered the event, please remember that you are obliged to raise as much sponsor money as possible (I am happy to sponsor my own students, so ask me when you see me next).



Anthony Brennan, 5th Dan.




Thursday 10th September 2015
Welcome back to training after our summer break, this is the first of many regular blogs to keep you up to date with what's happening.
I enjoyed a great family holiday on the south coast taking in the beautiful scenery while camping and walking in Dorset.
I was back to work on Saturday as I was invited to teach as a guest instructor at the annual summer camp of the Seijitsu Aikido Ryu Association. I saw this as an honour and a privilege as well as a great way to make some new friends in the martial arts world. This was arraged via Rachel and John Parkes who both came to assist the session.
My thanks and respect go to John and Rachel and all at Seijitsu Aikido Ryu - especially Shihan Terry Bayliss who has agreed to return the favour by teaching a class for our TKD clubs based on his Aikido style (adults only) in the near future.
All of our classes have been very well attended so far this week with some great quality TKD and work rate, keep it up as I will be arranging a grading with Grand Master Oliver soon.
Our charity event for Birmingham Children's Hospital has already proven successful as we have now filled our allocation of 15 places for the competition on Sunday 1st November. Please come along as a spectator to support the event on the day.
I will be training at Fight Club tomorrow, it would be fantastic to see a few more of my own students there...
Anthony Brennan, 5th Dan.